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see butterbutter,
dairy product obtained by churning the fat from milk until it solidifies. In most areas the milk of cows is the basis, but elsewhere that of goats, sheep, and mares has been used. Butter was known by 2000 B.C.
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The frequency with which a building’s occupants are moved, either internally or externally, including those who move but stay within an organization and those who leave a company and are replaced.

churn rate

(1) The percentage of customers who cancel their subscription service. The term often refers to cellphone contracts.

(2) The percentage of employees who leave the company during a certain time period. See churning.
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First-season trainer Jamie Osborne is beginning to churn out the winners and Cape Coast can chalk up his second success of the season in the Sherborne Claiming Stakes.
All three groups, who describe their work in the September BIO/TECHNOLOGY, say the new findings illustrate the potential of harnessing transgenic livestock to produce drugs more rapidly, more cheaply and in greater quantities than the standard "bioreactor" approach, in which vats of gene-altered bacteria or culture dishes of animal cells churn out genetically engineered drugs.