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see butterbutter,
dairy product obtained by churning the fat from milk until it solidifies. In most areas the milk of cows is the basis, but elsewhere that of goats, sheep, and mares has been used. Butter was known by 2000 B.C.
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The frequency with which a building’s occupants are moved, either internally or externally, including those who move but stay within an organization and those who leave a company and are replaced.
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churn rate

(1) The percentage of customers who cancel their subscription service. The term often refers to cellphone contracts.

(2) The percentage of employees who leave the company during a certain time period. See churning.
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His latest shoot 'em "I ha Yo thou after Stop, up looks a lot like something Charles Bronson would have churned out for a quick payday 30-odd years ago.
For successive generations, they have churned out some of the best youngsters to emerge in the Irish League with Spike Hill's vibrant young class of 2012, who lifted the Steel Cup only to fall foul of a registration gaffe, a case in point.
In its heyday in the 1950s and 60s, Formica was churned out in huge quantities.