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The complaint charged that Legend failed to reasonably supervise Werner, which allowed him to engage in churning his customer's account, and failed to establish, maintain and enforce an adequate supervisory system to ensure that Werner was subject to heightened supervision.
The milk and/or cream are allowed to ferment for up to 12 hours followed by churning in a gourd to separate the butter.
The first consideration was to identify the most occurring routes of interest (also termed as the golden path) and design necessary business strategies to curb churning. In zooming into actionable insights, the team could focus on the top 20 frequently occurring paths spanning all the channels.
Finally, we individual investors ourselves sometimes engage in churning if we have short attention spans or are just impatient.
The churning management solution based on data mining technique enables the cellular operator with a sliced and diced view of the subscribers base, and henceforth it gives power to service provider it to differentiate individual subscriber as per their requirements.
"The problem is puppy breeders are out there, churning out tens of thousands of dogs on an almost weekly or monthly basis.
You will still get the flavour but you won't be guaranteed the lovely smoothness you get from it churning in a machine.
This churning action can erode the shoreline and have a deleterious impact on marine plants and aquatic-animal populations.
Culturing was the consequence of the universal practice of accumulating multiple milkings before churning. There was no refrigeration, so the cream was stored in a cool room.
As a child growing up on a small farm in Covington County, one of my "chores" was churning the cream to make butter.
A 2% churn rate translates into around a quarter of a mobile operator's customer base churning off the network in the course of the year.
For a delicious vanilla variety, add 175ml (6 fl oz) cold cream and 175ml (6 fl oz) stock syrup (see recipe below) before churning in an ice cream machine.