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Tenders are invited for Repair Work Of Boulder Pitching Towards Chute Spillway
These include a concrete chute spillway that will enable excess water to pass the dam, diversion tunnels that will re-route the river around the dam site during the construction phase, a power tunnel/penstock that will serve as the conduit for routing water from the reservoir to the power plant, and an electrical substation through which electricity from the power plant will flow into the transmission system of the National Power Corporation, the Philippines state-owned power company.
The new emergency spillway will be a reinforced concrete structure consisting of a 12 foot by 4 foot box culvert through the embankment, discharging to a chute spillway and stilling basin on the downstream side of the embankment.
50 KVA OG Set 3 phase 415 V with manual control panel with Stamford Alternator with standard manual panel tested, completed with all accessories inclusive of all taxes, transportation commissioning, packing charges, handling and re-handmg and delivering at Baghalati Chute spillway Site of Baghalati Irrigation Project Nuagada as per direction of the Engineer In charge
Tenders are invited for Repair/ replacement of 400 W flood lights of Dam illumination system, electrical panels and other allied electrical equipments installed in various locations on dam viz a viz chute spillway radial gates upstream & downstream shaft, main spillway radial gates shaft and trunion gallery of main spillway radial gates BHEP JKSPDC Chanderkote.
Limited Tenders are invited for Cleaning And Painting Winch Machine And Support Structure Of Shaft Spillway, Hoist And Platform Of Ilo And Gantry Crane Of Chute Spillway
Tenders are invited for Cleaning and painting of hoist platform and rope drum covers of lbss and chute spillway.
Tenders are invited for Installation And Operation Of Submersible Pump Set For Dewatering Of Stilling Basin Chute Spillway For Visit Of Usbr To Stilling Basin Pit Area.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication And Erection Of Mild Steel Gangway/ Approach To Chute Spillway Stilling Basin Pit Area.