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, name for the European herb Myrrhis odorata and for closely related American and Asian plants of the genus Osmorhiza, all of the family Umbelliferae (parsley family).
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Cicely lives in a brownstone in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, is married to an abusive would-be real estate mogul and is raising a son Tru's age who takes violin lessons at a prestigious music academy.
Dr Whipday's play is set in Corbridge in Northumberland in 1611, where maidservant Cicely Lee is accused of committing adultery with her former master.
The Defamation of Cicely Lee links Cymbeline to the #MeToo era.
By all accounts, Cicely was expected to continue to live a life of the rich and genteel in the countryside of England, to marry a Duke, a Lord, or any other important personage.
But mightn't the lady above etymologically share her first name Cicely with Sicily, the Mediterranean island near Italy?
Washington DC, [USA] Sep 06 ( ANI ): The Board of Governors at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unanimously decided to present honorary Oscars to actor Cicely Tyson, music composer Lalo Schifrin and publicist Marvin Levy.
The Help and Roots actress Cicely Tyson, Lalo Schifrin, the Argentinian composer known for his Mission: Impossible theme song, as well as two Star Wars producers are among this year's five recipients of lifetime awards.Stars Wars producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are to receive the Irving G.
H E Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al Sae'edi, Minister of Health, received Prof Richard Harding, director of palliative care and rehabilitation at Cicely Saunders Institute of King's College London, UK, in his office on Tuesday.
Lucy Mugambi (TSC), Cicely Musyoki (TSC), Gichuhi Ndegwa and Rashid Mohamed both from the Education ministry are also among the board members.
However, the Cicely Saunders Institute, based in Kings College London, did just that in 2014.