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(sometimes US), cigaret
a short tightly rolled cylinder of tobacco, wrapped in thin paper and often having a filter tip, for smoking


i. A unit of illumination for intensity equal approximately to the luminous intensity of a 7/8-in sperm candle burning at 120 grains.
ii. The failure of a parachute to deploy because the rigging lines are fouled. Also called a cigarette or a streamer.


final favor granted one about to die. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]


The interpretation of this symbol, as with all others, depends on your relationship with cigarettes. If you are a smoker or are surrounded by smokers, cigarettes may be a regular part of your daily life that has been brought into your dream state. Cigarettes could represent anything from phallic symbols and symbols of pleasure to tools of destruction. Generally, the cigarette is an object that carries social and emotional significance. When we are teenagers, we associate them with being “cool, ” daring, and defiant. For some adults they become a way of life where all emotions seem to be punctuated with cigarettes. Finally, as adults come into touch with their own physical mortality, cigarettes become dreadful objects, and smoking becomes a terrible burden and curse. When interpreting the dream with cigarettes in it, ask yourself what cigarettes mean to you.
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Anna Taylor, 38, with the penalty notice she is contesting for dropping a cigarette butt on this street in Rhyl, inset Pic: STACEY OLIVER
The researchers used nests with unsmoked cigarette butts as a control for their experiment.
In Thursday's decision, Mizushima said the victim might have thrown away the cigarette butts and it was difficult to conclude from that one piece of evidence that the defendant had visited the apartment on the day of the crimes.
To make matters worse, lighted cigarette butts flicked into California's dry arid environment can spark deadly and costly wildfires.
Chairman Mr Don Chambers is concerned about cigarette butt litter, and the Keep Australia Beautiful national board supports the idea of trialling the CBD, a proposal that has been put to Sustainability Victoria.
Sho, 33, who smokes 20 a day, said: "Po is very tame, and one day when I threw a cigarette butt away he went for it and seemed to enjoy having it in his mouth.
In a study conducted by fellow San Diego State University researcher and advisory group member Richard Gersberg, PhD, just one filtered cigarette butt had the potential to kill half the fish living in a one-liter container of water.
While the tobacco industry may have its hands full just trying to stay afloat in the maelstrom of ongoing bad publicity, critics say it should be doing more to prevent cigarette butt litter.
HAMBLETON residents are being warned not to drop litter after a Middlesbrough woman was fined pounds 215 for dropping a cigarette butt out of her car window.
The cigarette butt conversation was sparked from Mr.
The size of the cigarette butt reflects the staggering number of stubs dropped in the UK, which cake our kerbs and cost tax payers millions of pounds to clean up each year.
The report says a cleaner, taken to court by Liverpool city council for not paying a fine given for dropping a cigarette butt, had "her punishment scrapped".