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He said he used it as a cigarette lighter, maintaining that the blade did not lock out.
He is charged that he did, among other things, "remove cigarette lighters from your anus and throw them at medical staff there".
What are the key success and risk factors in the cigarette lighter industry?
A 10-minute Zippo promotional video shown before this interview showed plenty of gig-going youths sparking up cigarette lighters.
So I plug into the cigarette lighter on the way for extra charge.
The court ruled that the bottle warmer was as much a car accessory as a cigarette lighter or plug-in spotlight.
He has owned the gunshaped cigarette lighter for some years.
A search team leader said: "The couple did not have a torch with them, but used a cigarette lighter to help us find them in the darkness.
Plug it into your cigarette lighter and make long drives not so much about the lukewarm Hr.
Composed of a camera and a laptop-like processor that plugs into the vehicle's cigarette lighter, the system "searches the streets as you drive by," says Andy Bucholz, president of G2 Tactics of Arlington.
Once in your car, you plug it into your cigarette lighter and MP3s will be transmitted via FM radio.
Weighing two ounces and about the same size as a disposable cigarette lighter, it can be used as a portable input device for PDA's or as a keyboard for notebook or desktop PCs.