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see motion picture photographymotion picture photography
or cinematography,
photographic arts and techniques involved in making motion pictures.

See also photography, still. The Camera
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a branch of culture and industry comprising the production of motion pictures and their screening for viewers. As one of the forms of art best suited to a mass audience, cinematography is a major means of political and scientific propaganda. It employs the techniques of motion-picture technology. Motion pictures are produced at film studios, and film and equipment are manufactured by the film industry. Motion pictures are shown in theaters, in halls with portable equipment, and on television.


(graphic arts)
Motion picture photography.


the art or science of film (motion-picture) photography
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But you know, Vittorio is not only a great cinematographer but he advanced the respect, the stature, of the cinematographer.
Meanwhile, Stephen Pizzello, Editor of American Cinematographer Magazine, who worked with Willis on a book based on the cinematographer's career, added that Willis' features would be carved into the rock face if there were a Mount Rushmore for cinematographers.
Of late, there have been other alternative paths, such as studying cinematography abroad, to become a cinematographer without going through all the stages.
Man of Steel 2' News: Cinematographer Larry Fong Shares Photo on Twitter Teasing About 'The Joker' - [(http://au.
Cinematography; theory and practice; image making for cinematographers and directors, 2d ed.
Richard Crudo, president of the American Society of Cinematographers confirmed the news to CNN, stating that Willis, who was known as 'The Prince of Darkness' for his use of shadow in cinema, changed the world's perception of movies.
Having spent nearly five decades in Mumbai, the ace cinematographer is now based in Bengaluru.
Roizman cites THE ART OF THE CINEMATOGRAPHER, which consists of conversations with Arthur Miller, ASC, Hal Mohr, ASC, Harold Rosson, ASC, Lucien Ballard, ASC and Conrad L.
ICG's ongoing activities include the Emerging Cinematographer Awards and the Publicists Awards Luncheon.
And during the nine-day AFI Los Angeles International Film in late October, two days of digital filmmaking symposiums featured directors Spike Jonze (``Being John Malkovich'') and Penelope Spheeris (``Wayne's World''), cinematographer John Alonzo (``Scarface'' and ``Chinatown'') and producer Kevin Foxe (``The Blair Witch Project'').
These harrowing words from acclaimed marine cinematographer Howard Hall convey a sense of the dangers he encountered shooting the new IMAX film Coral Reef Adventure at depths as extreme as 350 feet.
Additionally, the organization will honor Fred Koenekamp, ASC (PATTON, THE TOWERING INFERNO) with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and pay tribute to producer-director Gil Cates, film critic-commentator Leonard Maltin, Panavision co-founder/cinematographer Richard Moore, ASC (ANNIE, WINNING), and renowned Italian cinematographer Tonino Delli Colli, AIC (LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY).