circadian rhythm

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circadian rhythm:

see rhythm, biologicalrhythm, biological,
or biorhythm,
cyclic pattern of physiological changes or changes in activity in living organisms, most often synchronized with daily, monthly, or annual cyclical changes in the environment.
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circadian rhythm

[sər′kād·ē·ən ′rith·əm]
A self-sustained cycle of physiological changes that occurs over an approximately 24-hour cycle, generally synchronized to light-dark cycles in an organism's environment.
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Open to the public this Saturday (August 3), the exhibition will feature Irish and international artists exploring circadian rhythms through reflections on time, the tempo of working life, sleeping patterns, and the impact of modern technologies on biological life.
The researchers found that when insulin was provided to mice at the 'wrong' biological time - when the animals would normally be resting - it disrupted normal circadian rhythms, causing less distinction between day and night.
Having a detailed knowledge of the action of genes and their timing has given us a clear understanding of how circadian rhythm optimizes cell function.
Disruption of the circadian rhythm has been associated with sleep and mood disorders, and there is growing evidence of the harmful consequences of shift work.
Overall, men stay up later than women, and circadian rhythms shift with the seasons based on natural light.
"Deviant circadian rhythms and poor sleep quality are associated with increased risks of cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive diseases, as well poor quality of life and increased risks of premature death," researcher Dr.
The take-home message: Circadian rhythm sleep disorders in patients with ADHD are not necessarily attributable to comorbid anxiety and/or depression, she and her colleagues wrote in the Journal of Affective Disorders.
Consequently, PER protein levels vacillate over a 24 h cycle, in synchrony with the circadian rhythm.
It is important to investigate any intervention such as antidiabetics that will improve the circadian rhythm deficits as well as the symptoms of T2DM.
A fundamental aspect of circadian rhythm regulation is the entrainment of the SCN molecular clock by light.
The sleep-wake cycle is the most important circadian rhythm. Sleep disorders in depressed patients are common and are among the criteria for diagnosing mood disorders.
In fact, these reminders happen because of your circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the daily cycle of bodily functions that is influenced by hormones, as well as environmental factors such as sunlight and temperature.

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