circadian rhythm

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circadian rhythm:

see rhythm, biologicalrhythm, biological,
or biorhythm,
cyclic pattern of physiological changes or changes in activity in living organisms, most often synchronized with daily, monthly, or annual cyclical changes in the environment.
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circadian rhythm

[sər′kād·ē·ən ′rith·əm]
A self-sustained cycle of physiological changes that occurs over an approximately 24-hour cycle, generally synchronized to light-dark cycles in an organism's environment.
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Here are seven ways to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm of our body:
It was revealed through a series of physiological tests that vasopressin-expressing cells in the retina were directly involved in regulating circadian rhythms.
Abolishing cellular circadian rhythms increased both herpes and influenza A virus infection, a dissimilar type of virus -- known as an RNA virus -- that infects and replicates in a very different way to herpes.
The author has used literature from various sources like National Sleep Foundation, National Institute of General Medical Sciences and previous studies on Circadian rhythm to understand the effect of night shift/rotational shift on the employees.
Circadian rhythm sleep disorders: part II, advanced sleep phase disorder, delayed sleep phase disorder, free-running disorder, and irregular sleep-wake rhythm.
Tanuma, "The combined pathological, physiological and pharmacological examinations are useful to evaluate the hypothalamic and circadian rhythm disturbances in developmental brain disorders," in Neuropathology New Research, A.
Subsequently, when 4 of the 8 were exposed to DD, 3 of them continued to express a circadian rhythm of locomotion (Fig.
The 24-hour cycle of activity within your body, known as the circadian rhythm, affects everything from blood pressure to digestion to hormone secretion.
According to the company, Non-24 is a serious, rare, and chronic circadian rhythm disorder characterized by the inability to entrain (synchronize) the master body clock with the 24-hour day-night cycle.
Thus, the immune dysfunction that occurs upon circadian rhythm disruption may be a predisposing or exacerbating factor for metabolic syndrome.

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