circle to runway

circle to runway (runway number)

Used by ATC (air traffic control) to tell the pilot to circle to land because the runway in use is other than the runway aligned with the instrument approach procedure. When the direction of the circling maneuver in relation to the airport runway is required, the controller will state the direction (eight cardinal compass points) and specify a left or right downwind or base leg as appropriate (e.g., “Cleared VOR [very high frequency omnidirectional radio-range] Runway One Eight Approach circle to Runway Zero Four,” or “Circle northwest of the airport for a right downwind to Runway Three Three”).
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Instead, the reported 800 foot ceiling inspires you request an RNAV approach to Runway 36 with a circle to Runway 27.
The minimum descent altitude for the ILS Runway 2, circle to Runway 20, was 720 feet msl.
That would make the clearance "cleared straight-in VOR/DME Runway 30 approach circle to Runway 12." It makes sense if you parse it out, but if you've got your hands full flying the airplane, having "straight-in" and "circle" in the same clearance seems like it's asking for trouble.
Be ready to circle to Runway 6 on a right downwind--circling north is forbidden--or for an overhead approach to Runway 24.