circuit main

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1. In an air-conditioning system, a major duct or pipe for distributing to or collecting from various branches.
2. In any system of continuous piping, the principal artery of the system to which branches may be connected.
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"Strong car speed will be important at the Desert 400 with the FPR Falcons reaching 270 kph at the end of the long Bahrain International Circuit main straight, which leads directly into a hairpin corner," said Richards.
The benefit is the design engineering, manufacturing, packaging, storage and delivery to site of 22 bends and straight sections 6 (a number of which optionally defined in the tender regulations) for installation on the circuit main primary (CPP) PWR nuclear power plants of 900 MW.
Tenders are invited for Supply, storage, installation, testing, commissioning and handing over of electrical installation works like ht ring main unit, ht metering cubicle, 11kv ht switchboard, transformer, cables, sub mains, circuit mains, light points, wiring, power receptacles, light fixtures, lt panels, distribution boards, telephone/data/tv systems, earthing, elevators, etc.