circuit switched

circuit switched

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circuit switching

A networking technology that provides a temporary, but dedicated, connection between two stations no matter how many switching devices the data are routed through. Circuit switching was originally developed for the analog-based telephone system in order to guarantee steady, consistent service for two people engaged in a phone conversation. Analog circuit switching (FDM) has given way to digital circuit switching (TDM), and the digital counterpart still maintains the connection until broken (one side hangs up). This means bandwidth is continuously reserved and "silence is transmitted" just the same as digital audio. See connection oriented. Contrast with packet switching and message switch.

Circuit Switched vs. Packet Switched
Circuit switching can be analog or digital, but it is giving way to the packet-based IP technology as a result of the Internet.
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"Circuit switched fallback (CSFB) is a technology devised to allow Voice services.
A packet switched network is made using optical fibre, over copper cables that circuit switched networks use.
Data center operators and metro service providers also deploy CALIENT switches to offload large highly persistent data flows from packet networks to optical circuit switched networks within and between data centers, delivering light speed express path connectivity between compute resources with virtually no latency.
This allows the carriers to reuse older spectrum that they initially allocated for voice service that were circuit switched.
Ericsson will deploy its multi-standard radio base station RBS 6000, circuit switched and packet networks including Evolved Packet Core and Operation Support Systems (OSS).
The contract covers radio access, circuit switched core, packet switched core, expansion and upgrade of charging systems.
How will operators in the United States organize the transition from legacy interconnection rules for circuit switched networks to rules applicable to NGN?
The company works to improve end-to-end network performance, including network elements such as the IP packet switched core network, circuit switched core network and radio network.
"Service providers are increasingly interested in cost-effective, open-systems platforms that can bring the reliability of circuit switched network platforms to IP networks."
GPRS and EDGE data sessions are not circuit switched and, for that reason, require a new package routing network to interface to the IP.

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