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Logic (of arguments) futile because the truth of the premises cannot be established independently of the conclusion
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an order issued by a state organ or public body or a clarification of the procedure for applying an act. A circular is distributed to subordinate institutions and organizations and generally deals with one or more problems of an official nature. Until 1936, in the USSR a circular was an official act promulgated by the head of a people’s commissariat.

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ECRM Data regularly tracks the circular ads of more than 500 retailers in the United States and Canada, and records 50 metrics about each ad.
Prior to the proposals, unlicensed tax preparers were prohibited from representing a taxpayer with respect to a return prepared allV other party, and unlicensed prepawrs were not permitted to represent a taxpayer before the IRS Appeals Officers, regardless of the fact they prepared a return that gave rise to a tax issue with the IRS (those limitations remain in Circular 230 unchanged by any revisions promulgated in the past several years.
To a question, the special assistant said many initiatives were in pipeline including increasing recoveries, privatization of institutions and closing of inefficient plants to control circular debt.
Since then, EU policymakers have made circular economy a priority.
On the other end of the size spectrum, there are start-ups launching as fully circular businesses.
Nevertheless, if the government manages to plug the deficit and make inroads into eliminating the circular debt , then the move of issuance of Sukuk bonds is justifiable.
But Scottish Rugby is also looking at how it disposes of waste, how it A-reuses materials -- for example grass cuttings which are composted -- and how players and coaches can help deliver positive circular economic messages.
In a nutshell, the circular requires oil firms to submit a detailed price computation of fuels and household LPG, per liter, per product and on a weekly basis.
LWARB proposes a Route Map with a series of strategies and actions for the implementation of circular economy principles in the five value chains identified as key enablers in the transition process.
Speaking at 'Circular Economy Symposium 2019' organised by FICCI, Kant said that resource circularity and sustainable development are the need of the hour to implement the circular economy.
Ratnasiri said that the circular was issued following the Easter Sunday attacks after discussions held with several officials as well as the Minister in charge.
The circular got a mixed response as it went viral on social media with some people appreciating it while some others criticising it, saying the police had no authority to issue such an order.