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Logic (of arguments) futile because the truth of the premises cannot be established independently of the conclusion
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an order issued by a state organ or public body or a clarification of the procedure for applying an act. A circular is distributed to subordinate institutions and organizations and generally deals with one or more problems of an official nature. Until 1936, in the USSR a circular was an official act promulgated by the head of a people’s commissariat.

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Structural features of porous alumina examined by SEM show that the pore diameter (88 nm to 110 nm), interpore distance (132 nm - 148nm), and porosity (40% - 50%.) increase whereas pore circularity (0.821 - 0.912) and pore density (62.2 um-2 - 52.0 um-2) decrease linearly with the increase in anodization temperature.
But the vicious circularity that Morris and Menzel seek to break is not, I think, the same circularity espied by most proponents of the bootstrapping objection, including Bergmann and Brower.
The circularity and sphericity of safflower grains showed values below 70% and cannot be classified as either circular or spherical.
((d) and (e)) The effects of Y-27632 on control- and Sema3A-treated cells were assessed using cell circularity (d) and aspect ratio (e).
We also found that the maximum stretch forces in the teardrop-shaped CCC subgroup were lower than those in the regular-shaped CCC subgroup and same-sized FLC group, suggesting that circularity and completeness of the CCC are essential for achieving higher strength at the capsular edge.
The otolith shape indices such as form factor (FF), roundness (RD), aspect ratio (AR), circularity (C), rectangularity (R) and ellipticity (E) were calculated using the left and right otolith sagittal measurements values for the sharpsnout seabream in the Aegean Sea (Tab.
The form tolerance such as circularity and cylindricity was measured by using co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) and it is shown in Fig.
A perfectly circular filament will have a circularity index value of 1, and less circular filaments will have values less than 1.
There's a kind of circularity to each act of being, and this you
In particular, shape parameters such as particle convexity and circularity are shown to be important in differentiating primary particles and agglomerates.