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Logic (of arguments) futile because the truth of the premises cannot be established independently of the conclusion



an order issued by a state organ or public body or a clarification of the procedure for applying an act. A circular is distributed to subordinate institutions and organizations and generally deals with one or more problems of an official nature. Until 1936, in the USSR a circular was an official act promulgated by the head of a people’s commissariat.

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In sum, there does not seem to be any insurmountable problem of circularity confronting the position of legal polycentrism Falling back on the hierarchy of levels of social analysis described in the new institutionalist literature (Williamson, 1998, 2000) allows us to generate a regression theorem of institutional development which disposes of any troublesome circularity in this context.
Authors such as Lerner and Carleton (1966), Baginski and Wahlen (2003), Pfeiffer (2004), Rao and Stevens (2007), Vishwanath (2007), Apreda (2008), Woolley (2009), and some practitioners, recognize the existence of circularity but do not offer a solution to the problem.
The circularity and sphericity of safflower grains showed values below 70% and cannot be classified as either circular or spherical.
the MRR, TWR, Circularity and Cylindricity produced by the various process variables of EDM and the xi (1, 2, .
The circularity problem should also be viewed in light of the significant body of finance literature that explores why companies pay dividends despite their circularity, a problem referred to as the dividend puzzle.
Consequently, he reveals the multiple levels on which the phenomenon of pedagogical circularity comes into play.
This can be related to This is an interesting observation that supports Kaplan's circularity of the Chinese discourse patterns.
Presenting circularity versus CE diameter as a scattergram allows the identification of two regions of interest.
The deviations from the part circularity are caused by the variation and values of the minor components of residual stresses that act along the part circumference.
It also ended the circularity that had characterized Mexican migration.
Spindle HRV control and thermal compensation ensure dynamic accuracy and circularity to 0.