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Newspapers have a mix of circulation rates, political leaning, credibility, and quality.
Summary: Response surface methodology (RSM) has been used to optimize the effect of circulation rates, ozone supply, cephalexin (CEX) concentration, and granular activated carbon (GAC) dose on removal of COD from solution.
In the Eighteenth Central Committee all but ninety-one members were replaced, increasing the circulation rate slightly from the Seventeenth Central Committee's 54.
For the cooling experiment, the groundwater circulation rate was about 33 L/min, and the heat-source water circulation rate was about 70 L/min.
This high circulation rate combined with the multiple passes results in faster grind times and a narrower particle size distribution.
The economy can make things difficult for funding, but it helps that the library's circulation rate is healthy.
He was Worldwide Circulation Director of Life Magazine and in 1957 he founded Life Circulation Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Time, charged with maintaining an 8-million circulation rate base for Life Magazine.
The ROP-Neural Network developed using bit type and diameter, formation type, bit tooth and bearing wear, mud circulation rate, gross hours drilled, footage, weight on bit, and rotary speed as the input parameters; while the rate of penetration was set a the target.
Third, we have been able to increase our circulation rate base for the first time in more than 45 years.
Seven operating factors under investigations included bed temperature, excess air factor, particle size, secondary air ratio, Ca/S ratio, circulation rate, and bed material height.
The researchers hypothesize that elevated Caribbean salinity, which is transported via the Gulf Stream to the North Atlantic, amplifies the heat transport system by increasing the deep-ocean circulation rate.