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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

To circumambulate is to move clockwise around a ritual circle. Normally the casting of the circle (see Circle) is always done deosil, first with the sword or athamé,

then with salted water and finally with the censer. In many Wiccan traditions, the coven members may only move clockwise (deosil), never counterclockwise (widdershins). In other covens, there is freedom of movement in both directions.

Circumambulation is also known as the "holy round" and the "sunwise turn" and is not exclusive to Witchcraft. Such movement is recognized by various groups as magical, bringing good luck, protection, and protracted life.

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Kapoor's Hive fills the gallery to bursting, all the while maintaining a curious, inviting intimacy by conjuring a hollow space which one must circumambulate the sculpture to discover.
After the stoning they circumambulate the Kaaba to complete Hajj, required of all able Muslims and for many a purifying, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
TCHRD reported that the Lhasa City Committee ordered children not visit monasteries, circumambulate, or wear amulet thread during Saka Dawa.
As many as 70,000 angels circumambulate it every day.
Newton's foresight in the early 1970s may have served to lay many of the foundations of critical discourses that circumambulate around postmodern ideas like the "global village.
At the point immediately to the north of the royal palace, the procession does not circumambulate the city centre and the palace by progressing to the east and through the localities of Valakhu and Nyauta.
The book ends with a startling contrast between the protagonist, Aisha, on television, and her childhood friend musing on the call to prayer, as it "moves perpetually over the surface of the earth, just as the last verse of the Qur'an leads to the first, just as the pilgrims in Mecca circumambulate the Ka-aba throughout time" (150).
The earlier argument focuses on one specific, and undoubtedly very important, form of popular devotion: the pilgrimage to a holy well which the pilgrim would circumambulate clockwise a specified number of times, often negotiating a rocky path on bare feet or knees.
Thousands flock here each year to circumambulate the temple in devotion.
Women circumambulate the peepul tree hoping for a son.
Circumambulate the Ka'bah and wait inside the mosque from one prayer to the next because by doing so, you will be deemed to be praying.
I tried, just as an experiment, to circumambulate one of Sehgal's best-known pieces, Kiss, first presented in 2002, as it was shown here--a slow-motion clinch between a young heterosexual couple--taking nearer and more distant stances at various angles just as I would have done in an encounter with the Rodin bronze that has been cited as one of the work's central inspirations.