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cissing, sissing

1.A slight shrinkage of a glossy paint coat resulting in small cracks through which the undercoat may be seen; a mild form of crawling, 2.
2. A process for preparing a wood surface for graining by wetting with a sponge.
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Certain two pack materials in use today cannot cope with these contaminants, resulting in adhesion loss and bad cissing. To overcome this, problem investigation into pre-cleaning processes is being undertaken by some suppliers of paint.
Cissing is a defect that might be thought of as an old fashioned one that was noted for affecting the brushing of solventborne alkyds and varnishes.
In most cases, cissing is due to dewetting of the second coat.
(4-5) Chemical defoamers can be highly effective, but they need to be carefully selected to avoid surface defects, such as craters and cissing, related to the incompatibility of the defoamer in the formulation.