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see Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
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But though they should be so, they are not sufficient for our purpose, without a good share of learning; for which I could again cite the authority of Horace, and of many others, if any was necessary to prove that tools are of no service to a workman, when they are not sharpened by art, or when he wants rules to direct him in his work, or hath no matter to work upon.
I cite these examples because, at the time, the case appeared to me to be only explicable by the inexplicable,--that is to say, by an event outside of known natural laws.
However, it is distressing that Kiefer has neglected to cite my and other critical works on the play which anticipate, parallel, and, in some cases, go beyond his comments to establish related significant insights.
The new national Musee de a Musique (Museum of Music) in Paris forms part of the Cite de la Musique built at La Villette from 1986 to designs by Christian de Portzamparc (AR March 1986 and May 1995).
although Hakutani cites the 1969 remarks of Edward Margolies, who had condemned Wright for his unfavorable portrayal of black women).
Teresa Hubbard, President & CEO of CITE Armored, announces the repositioning of Cite Armored, formerly Cash in Transit Equipment, Inc.
La Cite de Mirabel's project is the result of lengthy negotiations between the two promoters and MSG Lac Mirabel Quebec SEC (Morgan Stanley Group and Sheldon Gordon Group), owner of the land, a ​​14 million square feet area.
Once the fact pattern describes inadequate or inaccurate assessment of care planning, in is not a huge leap for a survey or to cite the quality-of-care consequence of that practice.
She cites the example of not being able to sign when your hands are full.
In doing so I have not "replaced" Sojourner Truth but "cited" her, as she cites Jesus.
The origins of the Cite de la Musique date back to 1982, when the idea of a national complex devoted to musical engagement in various forms (educational, performance and museological) was first proposed.
that scientists (in contrast to humanists) tend to disregard the literature, are not acquainted with most of it, and cite only what they have recently heard about at meetings and from colleagues.