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see Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
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The capture of baby elephants may be among the trading practices protected by CITES, but several trading practices remain illegal, including poaching an elephant to sell its ivory.
The CITES is an international agreement between governments, which aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.
Parliament backs the proposals submitted to the CITES to include several species of sharks (porbeagle, hammerhead and whitetip sharks) on the list of animals whose trade must be regulated (Annex II).
Since 2008, the Service has supported extensive work by the Department of the Interior's International Technical Assistance Program (ITAP) to build the capacity of other countries to implement and enforce CITES by provide training and assistance.
If it is so desirable to cite the original article, why do authors often cite the reprinting book?
sustainable levels for species listed in Appendix II of CITES, such as
Many people think that CITES Appendix I and II directly equate to ESA listings as endangered and threatened, and that Appendix III is a special vulnerable category much like those that some states have for their protected wildlife.
Next week, CITES member nations are scheduled to consider relaxing ivory-trade restrictions in countries where elephants are relatively abundant.
The CITES working group that recommended the listing was chaired by Amanda Vincent, the group's cofounder and director.
Continuing his attempt to explain the decline of Catholicism of Quebec since the 1960s, Gagnon cites Cardinal Ratzinger's references to the shipwreck of womens' religious communities in the province.
As "the best illustration of the power of the far right to draw the mainstream into its web of lies," Alterman cites the purported savaging of David Brock, a conservative attack dog turned penitent liberal, after the publication of his memoir Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative.
The statement cites an October 27, 1998 article by the Associated Press regarding Speth's conviction.