citizens' band

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citizens' band

[′sit·ə·zənz ‚band]
A frequency band allocated for citizens' radio service (462.550-467.425, 72-76, or 26.965-27.405 megahertz).
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CB radio

(Citizen's Band radio) The frequency band of 40 channels for public radio transmission in the 27 MHz range. CB radio uses the same frequencies for sending and receiving on each channel, which is why only one person can talk at the same time (half duplex transmission). With a range of approximately five miles, CB radios were popular with truck drivers in the 1970s and 1980s until mostly giving way to cellphones. See ISM band.
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Alors que le journaliste se fait fort de nommer chacune des pieces interpretees par l'ensemble d'inspiration hawaienne et par le Citizens' Band, celui-ci demeure incapable d'en nommer une seule executee par les musiciens yougoslaves et se contente de dire qu'ils ont joue << about seven selections >>!
The man chased a woman into a gorge, taking a Citizens' Band radio with him and police are now treating it as a hostage situation.
Churches were yesterday banned from using Citizens' Band radio to broadcast services to parishioners.
"I used to say: 'The Internet is like Citizens' Band - it will never catch on'," admits Jayne, who presents Living channel's Living Issues!
They also voted in favour of keeping Citizens' Band radios and security grills in cabs.

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