citizens juries

citizens’ juries

a recently introduced technique of political consultation and social inquiry and decision making in which a representative group is assembled, presented with expert evidence from a variety of viewpoints and asked to make recommendations on political or social issues (see A. Coote and J. Leneghan, Citizens’ Juries, IPPR,1997) Compare FOCUS GROUP.
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The Labor Government wants them to involve communities from the start through tools like citizens juries or community panels.
Whitty and colleagues provides an interesting comparison between two approaches: discrete choice experiments and citizens juries (1).
A brief overview of Gavin's Citizens Juries work is provided, together with discussion of insights gained for improving methodology for future studies.
Consensus Conferences, Citizens Juries, Focus Groups and other methods have been applied to map laypersons' values and priorities or to develop consensus on which solution to prioritise.
If I ever get the call from OLR I do hope it's to serve on the panel inquiring into the future of Citizens Juries.
Using democracy, like citizens juries, public petitions, local referenda, community asset transfer and a compact between central and local government could also make the ideas of 'localism' and 'power to the people' more meaningful.
He added: "As we devolve power down to new neighbourhood structures, we should look at the potential for neighbourhood-based grant giving, for instance, through citizens juries, community empowerment networks or community foundations.
Across the UK people are already taking the opportunity to give us their views on where National Lottery money should be spent in their local areas by taking part in surveys and citizens juries and by joining the Good Causes' decision(making panels.
TWO international- style citizens juries have been established in Wirral and Halton to let local people have a say ab out how improvements in the Mersey waterfront should be carried out.
Gastil recommends incorporating something like the Jefferson Center's citizens juries into the electoral system as a channel for bringing an authentic public voice to legislators.
A diverse range of community views were uncovered through an unprecedented State-wide consultation program and two Citizens Juries.
Citizens juries could become involved in grant-making decisions, said David Miliband.

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