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civil liberty:

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term used to describe various types of individual freedom, such as religious liberty, political liberty, freedom of speech, right of self-defense, and others. It is also used as a general term for the sum of specific liberties.
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The Civil Liberties Committee will hear the Commissioner-designate on Monday in Strasbourg, from 19.
While exploring the growing pains and conflict of the organization, Wheeler suggests that Americans have become more comfortable with an expanded definition of civil liberties and that the ACLU that brought these issues, sometimes in conflict, to the center of the argument about American constitutionalism.
The federal government's recent actions to limit the scope of what it can do to prevent terrorism are consistent with Americans' preference to prioritize civil liberties over anti-terrorism efforts when the two come into conflict.
Beginning with Woodrow Wilson and the civil liberties issues that arose during World War I, Walker shows how presidents have allowed majoritarian pressures, wartime hysteria, security concerns, and, in some cases, outright discrimination to shape their approach to the first 10 amendments.
It also scored 1 on civil liberties and political rights.
The book's chronological parameters range from the origins of the Council for Civil Liberties (CCL) amidst the opposition to war and fascism of the 1930s to modern-day Australia, Dr Haneef and 'the war against terror'.
National Security, Civil Liberties, and the War on Terror provides a fine survey of the various issues surrounding legitimate national security concerns and personal civil liberties, considering what limits should be placed on interrogating suspected terrorists and what rights apply to prisoners in such situations.
I am ashamed to belong to the judiciary," Sachar said at a press briefing organised in Ahmedabad by the People's Union for Civil Liberties ( PUCL), Gujarat, on Monday.
In this comprehensive volume, the authors apply that knowledge to the history of civil liberties in California, and show how the efforts of brave individuals have led to the growth of freedom and equality in the Golden State.
Barr has stunned conservatives before--for example, when he cushioned his fall from Congress by taking an advisory role in the American Civil Liberties Union.
In this issue of The National Voter, the LWVUS checks some vital signs of a healthy democracy--election administration, election financing and the status of civil liberties.
Some complained that the law impinged on civil liberties, but it was renewed earlier this year with only minor changes.