civil liberty

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civil liberty:

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term used to describe various types of individual freedom, such as religious liberty, political liberty, freedom of speech, right of self-defense, and others. It is also used as a general term for the sum of specific liberties.
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Where our understanding of sexuality and sexual privacy as a civil liberty originated and how it evolved is the subject of Leigh Ann Wheeler's new work.
Yesterday the BNP claimed they and Civil Liberty were separate organisations.
As the organization put it in a press release in the fall of 1917, a "Union Against Militarism becomes, during war time, inevitably a Union for the Defense of Civil Liberty." (219) In late June 1917, the Conscientious Objectors' Bureau of the American Union, which had tentatively been formed two months earlier, was remade into the "Civil Liberties Bureau." (220) Within weeks, "civil liberties" had become the "chief war work" of the nation's leading radical-internationalist organization.
Using what prophetic powers did the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) Civil Liberty and the Anti-Defamation League know in advance that this Jesus film was a racist atrocity?