civil marriage

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civil marriage

Law a marriage performed by some official other than a clergyman

Civil Marriage


marriage contracted in corresponding agencies of state power, without the participation of the church. In the Soviet state the first decree on civil marriage was issued on Dec. 18, 1917. In the USSR only civil marriage is legally valid. (Church marriages contracted before the establishment of Soviet power are equivalent to registered civil marriages.) Similarly, in foreign socialist countries, exclusive recognition is given to civil marriage. In certain bourgeois countries, including France and Switzerland, civil marriage is obligatory, and a church wedding has no legal significance. In Great Britain, some states of the USA, and other bourgeois countries, marriage may take place either in secular agencies or in church, and the two forms of marriage have equal validity under the law.

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Jim Splaine of Portsmouth, a former state representative and senator, was primary sponsor of House Bill 436, which allows same-gender couples to have civil marriage.
The issue of civil marriage is disputed because Decree RL 60 issued in 1936 allows for Lebanese civil marriages but the government has yet to legislate this right in the form of a personal status law, Abu Ali said.
AYIA Napa wants to set a Guinness World Record for the number of civil marriages carried out in one session, Mayor Yiannis Karousos said yesterday.
The easiest way to solve that problem is for priests to stop signing any civil marriage licenses--a duty that can surely be left to a local judge--and only officiating sacramental weddings.
To avoid such a dilemma, the couple could have easily flown to nearby Cyprus to marry, since Lebanese authorities recognized civil marriages registered abroad.
The total comes down to almost 57% not supporting civil marriage.
She said: "After listening to Alliance Party members, as well as from people who have corresponded with me, I believe we have made the correct decision in supporting the extension of civil marriage provisions to samesex couples provided that robust protections are in place for faith groups who oppose these measures.
Government consultation on civil marriage closes on June 14.
President Michel Suleiman has voiced support for civil personal status laws which would legalize civil marriage and provide laws for adoption and inheritance separate from the religious courts "A civil law for personal status represents one of the main pillars of [building] a civil state," the president said in a statement after meeting with a delegation from the National Campaign for a Lebanese Personal Status Law.
CDATA[ Knesset passes pared-down version of the civil marriage bill, enabling those of ano religiona to join together in something akin to marriage.
as a place for Civil Marriage and Civil Partnership.
judges, mayors and--in what may be a first--the superintendent of the State School for the Deaf can perform civil marriage ceremonies.