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civil marriage

Law a marriage performed by some official other than a clergyman

Civil Marriage


marriage contracted in corresponding agencies of state power, without the participation of the church. In the Soviet state the first decree on civil marriage was issued on Dec. 18, 1917. In the USSR only civil marriage is legally valid. (Church marriages contracted before the establishment of Soviet power are equivalent to registered civil marriages.) Similarly, in foreign socialist countries, exclusive recognition is given to civil marriage. In certain bourgeois countries, including France and Switzerland, civil marriage is obligatory, and a church wedding has no legal significance. In Great Britain, some states of the USA, and other bourgeois countries, marriage may take place either in secular agencies or in church, and the two forms of marriage have equal validity under the law.

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BEIRUT: In an effort to keep the controversial topic of civil marriage in the limelight, civil society members are set to revive protests this week, representatives of Chaml, a Lebanese NGO, told The Daily Star.
Some 1,400 civil marriages are scheduled to take place in Ayia Napa this year compared to 1,150 in 2013.
Beirut: Rejecting multi-pronged clerical objections, caretaker Minister of the Interior Marwan Sharbel took the unprecedented step of registering the civil marriage contract of Nidal Darwish and Kholoud Succariyeh, the first couple to celebrate a civil union in Lebanon.
We are so pleased to have the first civil partnership on religious premises, but we will continue striving for all couples to have equal access to civil marriages, religious marriages and civil partnerships.
Palmieri, who introduced his order under suspension of rules at the end of last night's City Council meeting, wants the revenues generated from those civil marriages remitted to the city treasury rather than being retained by the individuals performing the weddings.
Protesters - Coptic Christians as well as Muslims - want the next parliament elected in September to adopt a law to allow civil marriages.
During the ceremony, which will take place at Larnaca Medieval Castle square, civil marriages of Israelis and Russians will take place.
A legal bid to overturn bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships will be launched at the European Court of Human Rights.
Poll Shows over 45 percent of Lebanese Are in Favor of Civil Marriage
Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that there were 2,332 civil marriages in Birmingham during 2002And a spokesman for Birmingham Register Office said there has been a 20 per cent fall in the number of civil marriage applications since February - 466 less weddings per year.
race to advance the homosexual agenda on all fronts makes column-writing hazardous; by the time you read this, the Paul Martin/Beverly McLachlin tag-team may have body-slammed all resistance to same-sex marriage and the Civil Marriages Act (Bill C-38) may be the law of the land.
The 1836 Marriage Act allowed for civil marriages in England for the first time, with the exemption of the Royal Family.