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1. a mechanical device with movable jaws with which an object can be secured to a bench or with which two objects may be secured together
2. Nautical a horizontal beam fastened to the ribs for supporting the deck beams in a wooden vessel
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the simplest type of storage facility for agricultural products. It consists of a banked-up heap of potatoes, root crops, or cabbage, placed on the surface of the ground or in a shallow trench (0.2-0.5 m deep) and covered with layers of straw (sawdust, peat, and so forth) and earth. Clamps are placed on elevated sites with slanting sides, protected from the predominant winter winds and with deep-lying subsoil waters. The dimensions of a clamp and the thickness of its cover depend on what is to be stored and the climatic conditions of the area. In the central zone of the European part of the USSR clamps are usually 2-2.2 m wide and 1.0-1.2 m high and are covered by a layer of straw that is 0.5 m thick at the base and 0.35 m thick at the crown. The layer of earth is 0.6 m thick at the base and 0.5 m at the crown. The total thickness of the cover must be equal to or a little greater than the average depth at which the soil freezes in the area. Clamp coverers, excavators, and other machines are used to mechanize the covering operation. The temperature inside the clamp is regulated by means of ventilation or by changing the thickness of the cover.


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(design engineering)
A tool for binding or pressing two or more parts together, by holding them firmly in their relative positions.
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A wood and/or metal device designed to hold components firmly, esp. during gluing, machining, soldering, welding, etc.
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'Our intelligence personnel in the police and the military, with their superb track record, would clamp down any such insidious activities.
Newcastle City Council has come under fire for plans to clamp down on begging, with many commenting that being homeless should not be made illegal.
Last November we reported how multiple cars with 'for sale' notices were being left on main roads but nothing has been done to clamp down on it.
Operations to clamp down on illegal signage and building extensions are scheduled for the weekend and for next week.
"There have been more tweets from Turkey since the government blocked (Twitter) than there were before." "Which is an interesting, I think, signal to people who try to clamp down on freedom of expression: that it doesn't work, and isn't the right thing to do," she said.
The question is why didn't trading standards clamp down on the sale of such items at the Indoor Market themselves?
If you're installing batts made from heavy material like denim or rock wool, you could clamp down the batt and use your reciprocating saw to cut through it.
Of the UK's police forces, 44 now actively use Crush-Watch, supporting the industry's campaign to clamp down on illegal motoring.
The clamp down on the camps took place from January till the end of April in winter camping areas such as University City street, Wadi Al Amradi, Wadi Al Shabak, Al Warqa 5 and Al Tayy.
Continuing to seek avenues to circumvent international sanctions, Iran is hoping to sign a new contract for increased gas exports to Turkey, according to local media, and could take ships in payment following a clamp down on the previous scheme depending on gold.Tehran expects to sign a new agreement with Ankara raising gas exports to as much as 35m cubic metres per day at the Economic Cooperation Organization summit which kick off on March 4, according to Iran's Persian peninsular state remains Turkey's second-largest gas supplier, despite the international sanctions being waged against Iran over concern that it is developing nuclear capabilities.
THE Government has just announced new plans to overhaul the regulation of bailiffs to clamp down on bad practice.