clamping screw

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screw clamp

screw clamp
Any clamp set by means of a screw, but esp. one used in woodworking which has two large parallel jaws for holding the work to be pressed together.
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The seal uses a single clamping screw, which prevents equipment shaft damage and simplifies seal removal in sticky or viscous fluids, or where solids have a tendency to clog standard set screw designs.
This is a common requirement in Food and Medical industries - also for disability equipment, sealing and packaging applications, where the large easy to use knurled knob is beneficial to operators who need not worry about losing the clamping screw.
In April, the company introduced an expanded line of hinged shaft collars that feature a triple-link hinge and a captive clamping screw to simplify assembly and provide the same kind of holding power as conventional two-piece collars.
This creates a very firm clamping method and relieves most of the stresses normally exerted on the clamping screw.
To set the stop, just put it where you want it on the traversing bar and then tighten the clamping screw snugly by hand.
The bushings use a lateral clamping screw to pressurize a food grade actuating medium sealed in the double walled sleeve.
scar has rolled out with a new series of face mills that deploy round inserts which have a similar cylindrical shape on their bottoms for improved clamping, as the cylinder takes most of the stresses that are normally exerted on the clamping screw.
An integral hinge with a stainless steel clamping screw.
When rejoining the barrel to the receiver after maintenance or conversion, start in one clamping screw (306) from the left.
To achieve this the clamping screw is loosened and the eccentric sleeve is adjusted to the correct dimension against the scale.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of clamping screw 4 mm.