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Besides, clannish culture opportunities for economic rent, huge discretionary powers and weak accountability, are other potent sources of corruption in the South Asian context.
If on the other hand, a society is fashioned by principles which evolved from the impalpable, its particles then flare by higher option, the notion of the clannish would absorb itself into another mode of prismatics.
Songwriters have often been a clannish bunch, more likely to seek support and validation among peers than screaming crowds--watching from the wings while their songs take on lives of their own in the spotlight.
in which Jews are seen as sinister, clannish, rootless, parasitic, cunning, money - grubbing, power-grabbing and so on.
Chinese settlers are frequently portrayed as clannish, with limited contact with the host community.
A particularly clannish worldview that clings to the notion of I-win, you lose which will always lead to divergent ways that sustain conflicts and violence.
After all, the Mashots Park in Yerevan could grow into a movement similar to that for Gezi Park, but for the clannish
Oil wealth concentrated in the hands of a clannish regime
Now I don't know about you, but I'm a bit irritated about how clannish it all seems to have become.
Sunni Saddam Hussein had destroyed the ruling Ba'th Party as a secularist/ideological element by turning it into a clannish mafia.
Odwan lashed out at so-called clannish "military councils" covering up illicit drug dealing and all sorts of criminality.