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Theatre a group of people hired to applaud
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a group hired to act as spectators and promote the bogus success or downfall of an actor or an entire performance. Claques are frequently employed in capitalist countries, especially in opera theaters.

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He adopted the recommendations of the feminist Advisory Council on the Status of Women whose purpose was "preventing fetuses from having protection from the Charter." During the entire year of 1981, relying on his claque of lawyers at the Department of Justice, he and Trudeau refuted pro-life arguments against the Charter, only to be proven wrong seven years later.
Vosko's stock-in-trade is helping bishops save and restore their cathedrals, while realigning their worship space in the light of post-Vatican II liturgical norms -- for which he is frequently hounded by a claque of obscurantist critics who don't like his work.
It is truly gratifying to watch a Canadian singer, designer or director triumph internationally, and fun to applaud and cheer as shamelessly as any claque.
In 1985, Tipper Gore and Susan Baker, spouses of then-Senator Al Gore and then-Treasury Secretary James Baker, founded the Parents' Music Resource Center, a claque of concerned citizens who just happened to be married to some of the most powerful men in the country.
For her sociology, she has examined censors' reports, reviews, memoirs, theatrical treatises, and the scripts themselves, aware that each of these sources is itself a partial and volatile mix of politics and prejudice, clique and claque. Like many first books, hers is strong in its description of the background, heavily dependent upon prior research, and prone to accept books in other fields which may be less convincing than the author believes.
Play stump the copy editor with gems such as claque ("a group hired to applaud at a performance"), footle ("to talk or act foolishly"), declivitous ("moderately steep") and imago ("an idealized mental image of another person or the self").
Rightly or wrongly, Junger as a rule has been bracketed as the German counterfoil to Erich Maria Remarque, and for that matter to Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Henri Barbusse and other ideological opponents of the "Great War." In the second edition of Storms of Steel, moreover, Junger altered its conclusion in a decidedly more nationalistic vein (the final sentence now exclaim, "Germany lives and shall never go under!") which recommended him to the increasingly raucous claque of anti-Versailles revisionists and conservative revolutionaries aiming to overthrow Weimar democracy, including the right-wing veterans' league Der Stahlhelm (The Steel Helmets) and at least briefly the Nazi Party.
We follow a claque of frumpy, ego-jostling, middle-aged academics on a tour of the Terrezenstadt Nazi concentration camp where Landau wrestles mightilyagainst his own jealousies and under a cruelly blazing sun--to construe justly and objectively his flamboyant yet vexing rival, Jiri Krakauer, star writer and academic, who, although deserving of sympathy as a one-time inmate of the very camp, is arguably a fraud.
The turning point comes when a classmate invites him to become part of a claque for a right-wing speaker who defends forcefully the atrocities of Japanese militarism.
Furthermore, Piven and Cloward and their claque (in which I am proud to claim membership) have consistently framed their argument for higher benefits in the kind of class terms Tomasky ought to admire.
The Journal's editorialists chimed in on February 26, 1992: "Notwithstanding the claque that seems to view endowment funding as a political |right,' we think that a government agency that puts its money on the line has the right to make judgments about a work's value."
Des opposants politiques sont egalement rentres au compte-gouttes, ces dernieres annees, certains apres avoir claque la porte du CNARED suite a des divisions internes pour le leadership, d'autres en reponse a l'appel des autorites burundaises.