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see sagesage,
any species of the large genus Salvia, aromatic herbs or shrubs of the family Labiatae (mint family). The common sage of herb gardens is S. officinalis, a strongly scented shrubby perennial, native from S Europe to Asia Minor.
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"She was described as someone who was a professional caretaker who now has to be taken care of herself," Clary said.
"Clary was shocked to get a message from Simon wishing her happy Christmas, especially because the news he had split from Adele wasn't out there, but now it all makes sense,"a source told The Sun.
"I love you, Clary," Jace says in the "( Shadowhunters " trailer.
"I'm crying because you guys don't know the truth," Clary said, according to an excerpt of the interview released on Wednesday.
The thought of Clary going quietly into retirement seems far-fetched but he hints that he'd like to retire from public life entirely.
Peter and 13 of his comrades with the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 1st Battalion gave their lives in battle during the liberation of Clary, which led to a war memorial named the Place de Ecossais being erected in the French village's square in their honour.
In Germany Clary Sage is mixed with elderflowers and used by vintners to form a muscatel.
Clary began his talk by acknowledging that the 20th anniversary of India and Pakistan's nuclear tests provided an opportunity to look at the trajectory of doctrinal and technological developments undertaken by both states, which has been 'quite dramatic', according to him.
Julian Clary, Born To Mince comes to Storyhouse inChesterfor one night only on Sunday 31 March 2019.
Work began on the project quickly; the first committee meeting was in December, with the opening event only three months away, but "there was so much [relevant material] that already existed, it was really just a matter of us as a committee deciding which things to use and when," Clary said.
Serving as the Clary Sage College Cosmetology Department Head for the past decade, Pam Martin has helped develop Clary Sage College to one of the most admired cosmetology schools in the country.