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A thin, washed-out, pretty woman stood up, and clasped her hands in front of her.
Some of the figures are driving headlong downward, with clasped hands, others are swimming through the cloud-shoals--some on their faces, some on their backs--great processions of bishops, martyrs, and angels are pouring swiftly centerward from various outlying directions--everywhere is enthusiastic joy, there is rushing movement everywhere.
He drew back his chair, clasped his hands over his head, and gave himself up to dull and arid musings.
He climbed the fence, threaded his stealthy way through the plants, till he stood under that window; he looked up at it long, and with emotion; then he laid him down on the ground under it, dis- posing himself upon his back, with his hands clasped upon his breast and holding his poor wilted flower.
Rebecca clasped her Quackenbos's Grammar and Greenleaf's Arithmetic with a joyful sense of knowing her lessons.
And I clasped my arms closer round Helen; she seemed dearer to me than ever; I felt as if I could not let her go; I lay with my face hidden on her neck.
And clasped in my arms as she had never been, as I had thought she never was to be!
But when I spoke of dragging her to the chief then she flung herself upon the ground, and clasped my knees, for since I called him old, she thought that this chief could not be Umslopogaas.
And amid a general laugh the two men clasped hands, and in that clasp the strong friendship of a lifetime was begun.
Felton, in his turn a suppliant, clasped his hands.
The latter recollected the terrible caution of Monte Cristo; she fancied that the hand not holding the phial clasped a long sharp knife.
The king clasped his hands and raised his eyes to Heaven; then leaping down from his bed he went to the window, and pulling aside the curtain tried to distinguish the figures outside, but in vain.