class hierarchy

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class hierarchy

A set of classes and their interrelationships.

One class may be a specialisation (a "subclass" or "derived class") of another which is one of its "superclasses" or "base classes".

When a method is invoked on an object it is first looked for in the object's class, then the superclass of that class, and so on up the hierarchy until it is found. Thus a class need only define those methods which are specific to it, and inherits methods from all its superclasses.

See also: multiple inheritance.
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When something is described as "medieval" it's typically meant as a pejorative, conjuring up visions of a world narrowly constricted by class hierarchy, superstition and little to no innovation.
The existing data layers were imported into that framework, and an initial class hierarchy was automatically created, based on the CLC classification attributes.
A Polish family moves in next door, and Oreo learns from their son the language of class hierarchy.
Rather, they produced a vibrant public space where the existing social order, including gender order, class hierarchy, and state authority, was challenged over and again.
We examined the distribution of the questions over the existing class hierarchy.
However, a different mood pervades the work: the standardisation of time highlighted by the Great Clock of St Pancras, new technology and engineering, class hierarchy and status, social discipline, consumerism and advertising all feature in this painting, presenting a view of London that is beautiful and ethereal, a vision of progress, yet also rooted in the materiality of everyday life.
Marxist opposition, led early on by Jacques Roumain and Max Hudicourt, argued that class hierarchy caused inequality in Haiti; they posited that color conflict simply masked deeper issues.
And by 1999-2000, women at the bottom of the social class hierarchy and those in the most deprived areas were about a fifth less likely to have an elective C-section than those at the top or living in the wealthiest regions.
To be clear, there are 40 creditors that want a piece of Tom Hicks (at this point, it might be moving from figuratively to literally), but there is a class hierarchy in place with them -- primary and secondary lenders looking to get their piece of the sale, with a predatory hedge fund holding the most debt and looking to make a sizeable profit off the deal.
A response class hierarchy shares the properties of the response class, and includes a predictable sequence of responding when members of the response class are exposed to extinction (e.
Given that the AbstractXmlDocument class knows nothing yet about the format and contents of the actual XML file on disk, the XML schema details to validate against will have to be provided by upper levels in the class hierarchy, from derived classes.
The Music Lesson focuses on issues still relevant to today's audience such as class hierarchy, fidelity and marriage.