clay pipe

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vitrified-clay pipe

Pipe manufactured of an earthenware material which is glazed so that it is impervious to water and has a high resistance to chemical corrosion; in the US, sometimes used for house sewer pipes and underground drainage.
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But a smell of smoke hangs in the air, And the old clay pipe is no longer there.
The clay pipe facets or notches which only show up in long-time, habitual smokers were present among 61% of adult males and 29% of adult females but this is a minimum estimate of the smokers as the pipe marks wouldn't be seen in newer smokers.
So BES had to step in and become the region's clay pipe authority, eventually targeting a supplier in the Tacoma, Washington, area and reaching out to the National Clay Pipe Institute for materials and instruction.
Antique eggshell thin porcelain, cut with diamond saws and bonded to rough and discarded brick and clay pipe fragments.
Rex moved to the village of Broseley, near Ironbridge, Shropshire, unaware that it was once the clay pipe capital of the world.
Designed for use with a 1/2-inch impact driver, the 238-P incorporates a chain that can effortlessly cut no-hub cast iron, service weight cast iron and clay pipe up to 8 inches in diameter and concrete pipe up to 6 inches in diameter.
The clay vessels look similar to large water main pipes, which is not that surprising because they're made by Mission Clay, a clay pipe manufacturer based in the Southwest.
Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Company (SVCP) is in the process of ramping up capacity again just three years after its previous upgrade in preparation for demand forecasted to come from a Saudi government scheme to expand the kingdom's sewers.
Washington, Jan 1 (ANI): A centuries-old clay pipe inscribed with the phrase "Love is the language for lovers," has been uncovered in an archaeological excavation in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.
Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe is close to signing a Memoradum of Understanding to buy a major water pipe manufacturer in a stock-for-cash deal.
Her brothers all went to work in the famous brick, clay pipe and pottery works of John Crossley.
In his old age, Lieutenant Hendrick Dachstaeder Junior UE enjoyed his clay pipe while he reminisced about his youth.