clay pipe

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vitrified-clay pipe

Pipe manufactured of an earthenware material which is glazed so that it is impervious to water and has a high resistance to chemical corrosion; in the US, sometimes used for house sewer pipes and underground drainage.
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AAG director Jon Welsh said: "It is one of the most significant clay pipe designs ever found in Britain and is remarkably unscathed considering the land had formerly been used as a football field.
But, while gardening, he dug up a few clay pipe fragments which he put in a margarine tub.
SECTION IV -- PIPE MATERIALS 1 Pipe Demand by Material in Dollars 122 2 Pipe Demand by Material in Pounds 124 3 Pipe Demand by Material in Feet 126 4 Steel Pipe Demand 128 5 Steel Pipe Demand by Market 130 6 Steel Oil & Gas Pipe Demand by Type & Market Segment 134 7 Plastic Pipe Demand 138 8 Plastic Pipe Demand by Market 141 9 Copper Pipe Demand 144 10 Copper Pipe Demand by Market 146 11 Concrete Pipe Demand 149 12 Concrete Pipe Demand by Market 151 13 Ductile Iron Pipe Demand 154 14 Ductile Iron Pipe Demand by Market 155 15 Aluminum Pipe Demand 158 16 Aluminum Pipe Demand by Market 160 17 Clay Pipe Demand 162 18 Clay Pipe Demand by Market 163
Jerusalemite women are shown smoking clay pipes similar to this one in 19th-century drawings.
Nine carefully preserved treasures include a six-pound cannon ball, pewter plate from the ship's galley, flake of gold likely plundered by the pirates, clay pipe fragment, iron spike and three straight pins.
Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe is close to signing a Memoradum of Understanding to buy a major water pipe manufacturer in a stock-for-cash deal.
Each time the old clay pipe has erupted, properties and businesses near the junction with Moseley Avenue, Coundon, have faced a deluge of water and mud.
In his old age, Lieutenant Hendrick Dachstaeder Junior UE enjoyed his clay pipe while he reminisced about his youth.
They bred her Top Condition litter, registered in the Irish Stud Book, which included the open winners Bigwood Snazzy and Clay Pipe Alice.
A longtime resident of Broseley, which was a centre of the clay pipe industry from the 1640s until the 1950s, Rex found himself fascinated by the ornate Victorian pipe presses he found in the deserted workshops around the village.
includes aluminum, cast iron, concrete & clay pipe
A log post is buried deep in one area, signaling a structure of some kind, and a few artifacts such as clay pipe stems, trading beads and log pieces have been found.