clay pipe

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vitrified-clay pipe

Pipe manufactured of an earthenware material which is glazed so that it is impervious to water and has a high resistance to chemical corrosion; in the US, sometimes used for house sewer pipes and underground drainage.
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Antique eggshell thin porcelain, cut with diamond saws and bonded to rough and discarded brick and clay pipe fragments.
But, while gardening, he dug up a few clay pipe fragments which he put in a margarine tub.
Jerusalemite women are shown smoking clay pipes similar to this one in 19th-century drawings.
Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe is close to signing a Memoradum of Understanding to buy a major water pipe manufacturer in a stock-for-cash deal.
Her brothers all went to work in the famous brick, clay pipe and pottery works of John Crossley.
In his old age, Lieutenant Hendrick Dachstaeder Junior UE enjoyed his clay pipe while he reminisced about his youth.
It was at that time that workers discovered a dozen neatly dug holes in the garden, each with a clay pipe marked with a different person's name.
They bred her Top Condition litter, registered in the Irish Stud Book, which included the open winners Bigwood Snazzy and Clay Pipe Alice.
Millions of feet 2004 2009 Plastic 5777 6600 Copper 5637 6370 Steel 2411 2630 Other* 685 750 Total 14,510 16,350 *Includes aluminum, concrete, cast-iron, and clay pipe Note: Table made from bar graph.
A longtime resident of Broseley, which was a centre of the clay pipe industry from the 1640s until the 1950s, Rex found himself fascinated by the ornate Victorian pipe presses he found in the deserted workshops around the village.
The manufacture of clay pipe fittings is the core activity at the plant using the extrusion process for pipe bends in the 100 - 225 mm range; pressing for junctions in the 100 - 150 mm range and fabrication for 150-300 mm junctions.
A log post is buried deep in one area, signaling a structure of some kind, and a few artifacts such as clay pipe stems, trading beads and log pieces have been found.