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vitrified-clay pipe

Pipe manufactured of an earthenware material which is glazed so that it is impervious to water and has a high resistance to chemical corrosion; in the US, sometimes used for house sewer pipes and underground drainage.
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Mission Clay has given artists opportunities to work with their extruded clay pipes for decades.
The fact that some of them smoked clay pipes helped date the time of death from 1625-1660.
The survival of the bowl of a clay pipe is all the more remarkable given that the field would have probably been ploughed in the past and has also been used for football.
A second, smaller tank at a higher level, which was connected to the other one by one of the clay pipes, was largely destroyed.
Rex also supplied clay pipes to Pinewood Studios for the Johnny Depp film Sweeney Todd, but although he was paid, the pipe-smoking sequences ended up on the cutting room floor.
Three tenders for the construction of (a) sanitary drainage networks (sloping lines) made of clay pipes with flexible connection of different diameter at the Security Forces Sector on kilo 23 of Cairo/ Alex Desert Road, (b) rehabilitation/ replacement of ductile cast iron pipes & fittings of 400 mm.
The company's vitrified clay pipes are used in gravity sewer and storm drainage networks and supplies have been made both to local and overseas projects.
From clay pipes to an 1 848 Zachary Taylor presidential campaign button, the findings from the Stony Creek site reveal the history of the extended Taylor family, who established and lived in the village for five generations.
Jerusalemite women are shown smoking clay pipes similar to this one in 19th-century drawings.
3 -- General Pipe Cleaners has introduced the ClogChopper multi-function cutting tool, whose spherical design maneuvers around tight bends and traps, thoroughly and safely cleaning metal, plastic, and clay pipes.
Austrian bricks and clay roofing maker Wienerberger (WBAG:WIE) said on Wednesday it had agreed to buy German Steinzeug Abwassersysteme, a producer of clay pipes, molded components and manhole systems, for EUR34m (USD47m), debt included.
The first square includes a rectangular building with clay pipes connected to a certain well for drawing water to the rectangular chamber.