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vitrified-clay pipe

Pipe manufactured of an earthenware material which is glazed so that it is impervious to water and has a high resistance to chemical corrosion; in the US, sometimes used for house sewer pipes and underground drainage.
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AAG director Jon Welsh said: "It is one of the most significant clay pipe designs ever found in Britain and is remarkably unscathed considering the land had formerly been used as a football field.
A second, smaller tank at a higher level, which was connected to the other one by one of the clay pipes, was largely destroyed.
Rex also supplied clay pipes to Pinewood Studios for the Johnny Depp film Sweeney Todd, but although he was paid, the pipe-smoking sequences ended up on the cutting room floor.
Washington, Jan 1 (ANI): A centuries-old clay pipe inscribed with the phrase "Love is the language for lovers," has been uncovered in an archaeological excavation in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.
And he has collections of clay pipes, gramophone needle boxes and Derby County FC football programmes, among other nick nacks.
The clay pipes, which cause most of the sewer line issues, need to be replaced," explained Mr.
Embossed bottles from local companies, including Reece's milk, R Stephenson's and Brazier & Co have also been unearthed, along with clay pipes and storage jars.
The fluid and changeable nature of ethnicity is examined in a study of clay pipes excavated from an Irish/ American enclave in eighteenth and nineteenth century Paterson, New Jersey.
The ocarina is a simple plastic wind instrument with four holes based on ancient clay pipes developed by South American tribes hundreds of years ago.
The system is designed to burst cast iron, ductile iron, concrete, asbestos cement, PVC, pitch fiber and clay pipes, puling in new pipe in the process.
when clay pipes apparently used to smoke marijuana were found on the site of William Shakespeare's home
Their clients might include frustrated smokers in search of long lost clay pipes, or even, as in Harvey Withers' case, swordsmen after a weapon.