clean stuff

clear lumber, clean timber, clears, clear stuff, clear timber, free stuff

Wood free of knots and other defects.
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Try ditching the sugar for the clean stuff. If you need any help doing this, join our free online social media page 'The FAST FOOD club' where people just like you are doing exactly the same thing.
My only requirement for this load brass wise is just clean stuff regardless of the maker, although I often load it in batches broken down by the manufacturer.
These are people who prefer to shoot clean stuff, like the highly desirable "D" (Dilaudid), or morphine if they must.
David recalls Bob once saying that green power was back to front then too--you had to pay extra to use the clean stuff so most people stuck to the fossils until they began to be charged for the cleanup required.
"Then she comes with me to the laundry room where I put the basket on the floor and she hands me up the clean stuff to put in the airing cupboard."
"Our lives have not been our own as we've had to keep diaries, including video diaries, clean stuff away like eggs from Pat's roof.
After watching the pair muck out the other day let's hope this is somebody who knows it's the dirty straw you're supposed to shovel out, not the clean stuff.
"My dog was really stinky so I washed my dog in the Cumming Clean stuff. It was so funny because she liked it and she smells gorgeous.