clear lumber

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clear lumber, clean timber, clears, clear stuff, clear timber, free stuff

Wood free of knots and other defects.
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"Limbed pine," he quavered, "makes clear lumber; you'll get a high price for it at the mill." We promptly signed up in the government pruning program.
The knotty charge for the 99[degrees]C schedule was lower than previous results and similar to clear lumber values; perhaps the lower kiln temperature factored into this difference.
MDF lends itself well as a substitute for clear lumber. It does not have a grain structure, but finishes and overlays can be used effectively to provide a product that, in appearance, looks like wood.
The emissions of the sapwood, mostly sapwood, and knotty charges were similar to clear lumber emission values.
"Some DIY and conventional lumber outlets are featuring MDF presented in traditional lumber sizes as an alternative to clear lumber. The availability of moisture resistant and non-formaldehyde bonded boards has also expanded some markets.
The clear lumber used in Panel C had the most favorable attribute ratings as well as the most consistency among attributes.
Reference Reference Test material [E.sub.1]:[G.sub.12] ratio Doyle and Southern pine lumber 11.6 Markwardt (1966) Doyle and Southern pine lumber 12.8 Markwardt (1967) Doyle (1968) Southern pine lumber 13.5 Chui (1991) Clear lumber 20.0 Palka and Barrett No.
Some firms traveled overseas to develop supply contracts with plantation pine lumber producers to obtain feedstock (clear lumber, finger-joint blocks, finger-joint blanks) for their U.S.