clear stuff

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clear lumber, clean timber, clears, clear stuff, clear timber, free stuff

Wood free of knots and other defects.
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The origins of this fad can be traced to Japan where oxygen bars started supplying commuters and city dwellers with a blast of the clear stuff to revitalise the hectic office day.
Her studio was hung with cellophane curtains; there were nets, beads, and see-through clear stuff all over the place.
"We were allowed back in at about 2pm on the Wednesday and people started helping to pick things up and clear stuff up.
If the clear stuff had been allowed to run dry that day we might have any of the black stuff today.
While the stuff from the tap does for many, Abbey Well has built a huge business on the back of the clear stuff.
The task was to swop their usual fizzy pops and sugary drinks for the clear stuff for two weeks.
Pupils will be encouraged to fill up from taps and water fountains and take regular swigs of the healthy clear stuff during lessons and break- time.
There's no chance of it running dry, like the clear stuff did.
Making sure you get plenty of the clear stuff is essential if you want to avoid dehydration, fatigue and headaches.