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1. Open space between two elements of a building to aid in proper placement, to compensate for minor inaccuracies in cutting, or to allow unobstructed movement between parts.
2. The space or distance allowed for anchorage or erection processes or to accommodate dimensional variations in the building structure.
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In MS spectrums, puerarin (7) as an example of C-glycoside, gave two base ion peaks [M + H-[H.sub.2][O].sup.+] at m/z 399.1 and [M + H-2H-[CH.sub 2][O].sup.+] at m/z 351.0 when using the deprotonated molecule [[M + H].sup.+] at m/z 417.0 as the precursor ion, which were formed by clearage on the glycoside of D ring (Li et al.
The landward approaches would require considerable clearage of trees and an extensive trestle ramp.
The specific parameters were: error = 100 ppm; index mode = combined (MS+MS/MS); searching database parameter = trypsin; max missed clearage = one; variable modifications = acetyl (N-term), carbamidomethyl (C), and Oxidation (M); MS/MS Fragment Toleration = 0.2 Da; precursor tolerance = 0.2 Da; peptide charge = +1; maximum peptide rank = 10; minimum ion score C.I.% = 0.