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Taking into account technological possibilities and economic demands we have developed experimental engine with automatic mechanism with two-piece connecting rod (three-connecting rod) for adjusting the clearance volume, Figure 2 [3].
One way of returning to incylinder compression work levels with split-cycle engines is to employ a switchable clearance volume between adjacent compressor and expander cylinders.
Uniflow engines are preferred for efficiency, although work is underway at present with very low clearance volume counter-flow engines.
We know that the full cylinder volume of an IC engine is divided into two parts that is clearance volume and swept volume.
On the abscissa, the clearance volume, cylinder volume, and total balance volume are drawn.
The fluid remaining in the clearance volume undergoes again an isentropic process until state D is reached, where the pressure differential at the inlet causes the suction valves to open.
While originally the prechamber volume was about 19 percent of the clearance volume, when testing showed problems, a smaller prechamber with 9.5 percent of the clearance volume was used.
An electronic controller, based on a simple and inexpensive Triac circuit, can vary the stroke to create a zero clearance volume. The plus side is a compressor that is 20-40% higher in efficiency over existing designs.
* Clearance and Collateral Management--Both increases primarily reflect growth in collateral management, higher clearance volumes and net interest revenue.