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see forestryforestry,
the management of forest lands for wood, water, wildlife, forage, and recreation. Because the major economic importance of the forest lies in wood and wood products, forestry has been chiefly concerned with timber management, especially reforestation, maintenance of
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They had grown back after the first great clearcutting, which had begun in the late 1800s.
Comparing single-tree selection, group selection and clearcutting for regenerating oaks and pines in the Missouri Ozarks.
A black silk ribbon was sewn in an "x" across the patches as each parcel was lost to clearcutting.
Clearcutting was a method not only of decimating the forest cover, but also of reducing labour costs and keeping labour under control.
However, comparisons of moose populations among landscapes disturbed by timber harvesting and wildfire-burn indicate that application of the Moose Habitat Guidelines does not result in higher moose densities than does natural disturbance or application of alternative harvesting systems such as progressive clearcutting (Rempel et al.
In his introduction, editor Bill Devall--author of the 1985 book Deep Ecology: Living as if Nature Mattered--notes that clearcutting has often been compared to rape, or even to war.
Thousands of people in British Columbia have been protesting against the clearcutting of these forests, but the government of British Columbia happens to be the largest single stockholder in MacMillan/Bloedel, and the primary consumer of these wood-based products is the United States.
Clearcutting (which is a radical disturbance) and then planting a site with pines is one of the commonly used management practices for wood production in eastern Texas.
Recent feature articles on the Ouachita and the issues surrounding the release of the Amended Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, including the issue of clearcutting, were treated with overall fairness and accuracy by the Arkansas Times, Arkansas Democrat, Hot Springs Sentinel-Record, Mena Star, the Southwest Times Record and other local community newspapers.
The California Department of Forestry found that, between 1992 and 1999, SPI increased its clearcutting by an astounding 2,426 percent.
Though grazing land indeed releases large amounts of trace gases after clearcutting, these emissions dwindle to levels below those of forest soil about 10 years later, says Michael Keller.