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[M.sub.1] performs cleartext comparison operations and uses the results to simulate the results of secure comparison results in [P.sub.1]'s view in step 2.1 and 2.2.
In those cases, it is difficult to see how the device controller, which is not privy to either the complete picture (e.g., RAID) or a cleartext copy of the data (e.g., TrueCrypt), could determine the necessary information.
System administrators should ensure their staffs understand the danger and inadvisability of storing passwords in cleartext format.
Examination of data thus obtained demonstrated the efficacy of this simple attack, since in all transactions the cardholder's full name and card expiration date were present in "cleartext" (that is, this information was in a form that was immediately comprehensible to a human being without additional processing, implying a lack of cryptographic protection).
That's not necessarily a showstopper -- many enterprises never come anywhere close to fully utilizing a fully loaded ASR 1006 -- but it is something to bear in mind when doing capacity planning.<p>IPSec tunnel capacity <p>We also validated the ability of the ASR 1006 to handle 2,000 concurrent IPSec tunnels, fielding both encrypted and a mix of encrypted and cleartext traffic.
Some backup software applications leave file data in cleartext (un-encrypted), which can leave the file names exposed--a possible risk.
The author explains many of these schemes, such as keystroke loggers and cleartext file transfers via file transfer protocol (FTP).
For the most part this data is housed in cleartext format and remains unprotected from unauthorised or inappropriate access by insiders--such as company employees or contractors--and outsiders, including hackers.
They start thinking about all the times they've been at Starbucks or the airport lounge and their password's been flying around in cleartext. Then, they realize how easy it would be to use that password to break into files on the server.
We then selectively applied tools such as tcpdump, ethereal, windump, a custom logging proxy, a custom TCP stream reassembler, SST Inc.'s TracePlus32/Web Detective (which can produce cleartext versions of SSL transactions), regedit, the Visual Studio OLE viewer, the disk imaging and recovery tool Norton Ghost, and a file viewer for simple cache diving.
For example, the system may send different cleartext messages depending on the value of the parameter.
Thus the backup of each coin gets a cleartext sequence number seq_no.