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in music: see musical notationmusical notation,
symbols used to make a written record of musical sounds.

Two different systems of letters were used to write down the instrumental and the vocal music of ancient Greece. In his five textbooks on music theory Boethius (c.A.D. 470–A.D.
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Music one of several symbols placed on the left-hand side beginning of each stave indicating the pitch of the music written after it
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(Commercial Licensed Evaluation Facility) A facility licensed by the U.K. government that performs formal security evaluations of information technology.
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The Tartan Clefs, now in their 12th year, paid tribute to some of the country's most successful rock acts and music industry figures.
Baritone horn and euphonium: In band music, according to Grove Music Online, "The B[??] baritone [horn] and euphonium, when written in treble clef, sound a major ninth lower ...
(2) CLEF e-Health 2014 is a technical competition aimed at the development of information access technology in electronic medical records, and is divided into 3 tasks.
In the mixed choral ensemble, choral educators' desire to obtain near even numbers between the sexes might result in many girls who are trained and interested being cast aside or assigned to treble clef choirs in order to compensate for the low numbers of males.
If and when the invitation comes I will consider it." Speaking at the Silver Clef music awards in London on Friday, Sharon went on to reveal that her daughter KELLY wants to move into an acting career - starting by playing her own mum in a proposed biopic of her hellraiser dad OZZY.
(20.) Some of Proust's most famous and explicit comments on this subject, such as his assertion "[...] il n'y a pas de clef pour les personnages de ce livre [La Recherche]; ou bien il y en a huit ou dix pour un seul," are quoted in Bernard ed.
You can remember the lines of the bass clef as "Good Boys Do Fine Always," and the spaces as "All Cows Eat Grass."
To those of us who read the roman a clef Windswept House by the late Malachi Martin when it came out about five years ago, the revelations of pederasty on the part of a number of priests, as well as a few bishops and perhaps even cardinals, was not really surprising.
QUARTERBACKS have different throwing progressions based on the clef defensive coverage.
He spoke as he picked up a Silver Clef award for international achievement at a music business charity lunch in London yesterday.