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clenching, clench nailing

The hammering over of the point of a nail against a wood face to secure its adhesion under rough usage.
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When you catch yourself clenching, put your tongue between your teeth (which relaxes the jaw) and take a moment to breathe.
Multiple studies have shown that botulinum toxin injections into the masseter and temporalis muscles result in relaxation of the muscles and improvement of bruxism and the pain associated with chronic clenching and grinding.
While Bruxism manifests through unconscious teeth grinding and clenching over the course of the day, TMD is primarily associated with abnormal movement of the jaw as well as throat, neck, and jaw muscle tension.
We are very excited about helping more people who are suffering from Jaw Pain, Neck Pain and shoulder pain due to teeth grinding and clenching," said Dr.
MEDICALLY speaking, teeth grinding is known as 'bruxism', a term that covers conscious and involuntary grinding of the upper and lower teeth against one another, and clenching of the jaw.
"Clenching your fist helps you remember," Maria said.
Washington, April 25 ( ANI ): A new study suggests clenching your right hand may help form a stronger memory of an event or action, and clenching your left may help you recollect the memory later.
A ( new study led by Montclair State University's Ruth Propper suggests that simply clenching one hand or the other can aid in memory.
Soon Kinect users will be able to pinch to zoom, scroll and pan simply by clenching their fists.
The muscle parameters frequently studied by EMG include postural position or rest, as well as activity during maximum tooth clenching. Such parameters have been used to evaluate the effect of occlusion on normal muscle function, both with and without an interocclusal splint.