clerestory window

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clerestory, clerestory window

clerestory, 2 A
1.An upper zone of wall pierced with windows that admit light to the center of a lofty room.
2. A window so placed. (See illustration p. 218.)
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The gate concourses will be top-lit by canted sections with clerestory windows, and arranged with open gate rooms and washrooms on one side and concessions on the other.
As the property is within a conservation area, it has not been extended, and the tasteful conversion retains a wealth of exposed beams, as well as the inclusion of specially-made double glazed clerestory windows.
The long, horizontal clerestory window captures light and views of the surrounding trees without sacrificing privacy.
Providing wood work in frames of doors, windows, clerestory windows and other frames, wrought framed and fixed in position with hold fast lugs or with dash fasteners of required dia & length ( hold fast lugs or dash fastener % shall be paid for separately).
Re-purposed from an existing 67,000 square foot warehouse manufacturing building, KIPP Unity Primary School features 41 classrooms each with 4' by 10' skylights and clerestory windows providing natural light, a cafeteria / indoor recreation area, a computer resource and learning center, refurbishment of an existing 4,000 square foot outdoor covered area into a new play space, and a new 10,000 open-air athletic pavilion located between the primary and middle schools.
The building has a saw-tooth roof with clerestory windows that had been boarded up during World War II and never opened up afterwards," says Rhodes.
The clerestory windows are hardworking, despite their small size.
The Balance Vista model is organized around a spacious great room with 16' high ceilings, and features beautiful clerestory windows that bring in plentiful natural light, and a wall of sliding glass doors to maximize views.
When entering this important historical and religious site, tourists observe the wooden roof, the beautiful clerestory windows, which are covered with mosaics depicting the ancestors of Jesus and providing illumination for the church's interior.
Mori's husband) has created something called a "dichroic glass prism" that diffuses daylight from clerestory windows to bring a spectrum of colors that shift with the viewing angle and time of day.
Above the new stained glass window are two clerestory windows, and the light first passes through those.
a roof, capable of carrying future solar panels, with clerestory windows and natural ventilation.