clerestory window

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clerestory, clerestory window

clerestory, 2 A
1.An upper zone of wall pierced with windows that admit light to the center of a lofty room.
2. A window so placed. (See illustration p. 218.)
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In Equinox, the clerestory windows designed to contribute to winter heating have purposely been chosen for high SHGC.
As the property is within a conservation area, it has not been extended, and the tasteful conversion retains a wealth of exposed beams, as well as the inclusion of specially-made double glazed clerestory windows.
The clerestory windows also allow daylight, the better to appreciate the true colors of the materials and the artworks.
This class A, cross dock facility offers 31' clear height, new T-5 lighting, ESFR sprinkler system, 140' truck courts, and skylights and clerestory windows.
The building has a saw-tooth roof with clerestory windows that had been boarded up during World War II and never opened up afterwards," says Rhodes.
Office and shop spaces alike benefit from clerestory windows and plenty of insulation.
The clerestory windows are hardworking, despite their small size.
It was probably Spanish Manila's largest room--magnificently proportioned with gilded boiserie, heavy drapes, a giant chandelier and wall lights, clerestory windows, black-and-white marble floor.
When entering this important historical and religious site, tourists observe the wooden roof, the beautiful clerestory windows, which are covered with mosaics depicting the ancestors of Jesus and providing illumination for the church's interior.
Mori's husband) has created something called a "dichroic glass prism" that diffuses daylight from clerestory windows to bring a spectrum of colors that shift with the viewing angle and time of day.
Above the new stained glass window are two clerestory windows, and the light first passes through those.
a roof, capable of carrying future solar panels, with clerestory windows and natural ventilation.