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All are PC-based client-server systems with Windows user interfaces.
In other words, you take the front end of the system - the part that interfaces with the user - and put it on the client-server system, without disturbing the back end.
Davis defined a client-server system or environment as follows:
There are many obstacles to successfully implementing a client-server system," he says.
The TerraShare core includes server and client software and is a Microsoft Transaction Server multi-tier client-server system.
The company reviewed six mainframe and client-server systems for mortgage and consumer loans before selecting MortgageWare(R) technology.
The broad level of support for Progressive Networks' client-server system has helped to make RealAudio a defacto standard," said Robert Davis, vice president of marketing at Iterated Systems.
The client-server system is based on an open systems environment that allows data exchange using stand-alone workstations for seamless access to local and remote public health information.
Its object-based, client-server systems are distributed and scaleable, and incorporate high-volume workflow, document imaging and multimedia capabilities.
Intacct provides the first web-based accounting solution for the mid-market, giving companies easy access to sophisticated accounting at a fraction of the cost of traditional client-server systems.
Intacct is an Internet application and service provider (ASP) that delivers web-based accounting solutions to the mid-market at a fraction of the cost of traditional client-server systems.
Based on a Web Component Architecture, eGain Mail and eGain Live deliver far greater scalability, flexibility and performance than client-server systems that have been "updated" with a Web interface.

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