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river, c.300 mi (480 km) long, formed by the junction of two forks in SW Va., and flowing generally SW across E Tenn. to the Tennessee River at Kingston. Its waters and those of its tributary, the Powell, are used to make a reservoir at Norris Dam; at its mouth the Clinch forms Watts Bar Reservoir. The river is thus an important part of the system of the Tennessee Valley Authority. In the 1970s controversy arose over the growing pollution problem of the waters and the effect upon fish.

clinch, clench

To secure or fasten a nail, staple, screw, etc., by hammering the protruding point so that it is bent over.


1. Boxing Wrestling an act or an instance in which one or both competitors hold on to the other to avoid punches, regain wind, etc.
2. Nautical a loop or eye formed in a line by seizing the end to the standing part
References in classic literature ?
There were no preliminaries, no formalities, no introductions-- the five bulls merely charged and clinched.
And the fact that there was a full moon clinched it.
According to unofficial results, in Nowshera District, Israr Ahmed, candidate for District Council for Union Council (UC) Dheri Katikhel, clinched victory by securing 2204 votes against ANP Abdul Akbar Khan 1960 votes.
PENALLTA tightened their grip at the summit of One East as the league leaders clinched their 12th consecutive victory 33-0 over Blaenavon, while their nearest rivals Rhiwbina slipped to a 17-25 loss at Llanishen.
The gold medals were clinched by Reza Monfaradi, Seena Monfaradi and Ali Hassan.
Malik scored 33 points and pulled down 14 rebounds last Tuesday, when LaCanada clinched the Rio Hondo League title with a 54-45 victory over South Pasadena.
They can also be clinched into a standard two-bolt hole steel flange, forming a flange-mount with self-aligning capability, ready mounted and perfect for applications requiring subsequent replacement or adjustment.
As Gardner and Karelin clinched at the center of the mat, everybody in the stadium knew Rulon had no chance to win--everyone except Gardner, that is.
The Williams-Hendry roadshow continues today after the Scot clinched his place in the final with a 6-3 defeat of Irishman Ken Doherty last night.
Henman, who has now won seven career titles, ended a two-year run of seven losing finals when he clinched his fifth trophy in Vienna last October.
The Broncos, who have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, were thrashed 41-6 as Antonio Freeman caught three of Brett Favre's four touchdown passes to clinch the NFC Central title for the Packers.
Permanently mounted fasteners can be mechanically clinched, swaged, riveted or welded in place, or may be of a self-clinching design.