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Clinical evaluation plays a key role in diagnosing patients with acute abdomen, radiological modalities form a strong support in confirming the clinical diagnosis.
The awardees reflect very well the progress that has been made in the field, from basic genetics to the means with which to achieve earlier clinical diagnosis.
Case Brhm4097 was in a 31-year-old woman who died with a clinical diagnosis of rabies, later confirmed by a direct immunofluorescence-antibody (DIF) test.
This breakthrough technology represents a key milestone in the area of acoustic sensitivity that can be critical to proper clinical diagnosis and quality auscultation.
Four days after beginning doxycycline therapy, the patient complained of progressively severe odynophagia, and a clinical diagnosis of pill-induced esophagitis or ulcer was made.
The data "support the concept that an accurate, reliable and possibly specific clinical diagnosis of AD in the MCI stage of clinical impairment is a reasonable expectation," the journal article concludes.
Early presumptive clinical diagnosis supported by radiologic evidence (computerized axial tomography [CAT] scan and magnetic resonance imaging) is the mainstay of diagnosis (1).
6 million, three-year California Asthma Among the School-Aged (CAASA) Initiative focuses on improving the clinical diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma among school-aged children in seven clinics throughout California.
We selected 100 patients with a clinical diagnosis of allergic rhinitis across all age groups and an equal number of age- and sex-matched controls for the study.
Histopathology of skin lesions varies from compact granulomas to diffuse infiltration of dermis, which largely depends upon the immune status of the patient and may not be in agreement with the clinical diagnosis.
Results: The overall agreement between the UK diagnostic criteria and clinical diagnosis was fair (kappa = 0.

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