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In a graph, a complete subgraph of that graph.
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a group of people striving to achieve by any available means base, selfish aims (for example, a court clique or fascist clique).

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A maximal totally connected subgraph. Given a graph with nodes N, a clique C is a subset of N where every node in C is directly connected to every other node in C (i.e. C is totally connected), and C contains all such nodes (C is maximal). In other words, a clique contains all, and only, those nodes which are directly connected to all other nodes in the clique.

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It rates a vertex as contributing to cliquishness merely if it has edges into a well-connected subgraph even if the members of that subgraph don't have edges back to it.
For example, the book doesn't fully explore the relationship between "sisterly female bonding" and the manipulative, backbitingj cliquishness, that many preteen and teenaged girls experience.
Transparency suggests the communal and the cliquishness that the cell arrangement implies is dispelled by extraordinary walls of billowing glass that veil the central booths.
Like me, he deplores the "group spirit" or cliquishness in congregations and their falling apart into many small sections -- as though central to the church were not koinonia and mutual friendship which exclude nobody!
Even a monthly lunch gathering of Latina/o associates might be viewed as sufficiently disruptive of workplace norms of racial association to create the impression of racial "cliquishness."(75) These Latinas/os might be perceived as "sticking to their own kind." To the extent that insiders perceive Latinas/os in this way, they (insiders) are also likely to perceive them (outsiders) as uncollegial.(76)
Duncan responds to accusations of cliquishness made in a review of The New American Poetry:
One clear concern on the part of the governors was the risk of cliquishness, or perhaps homosexual activity among the zitelle.
As a "free lance" organizer in the general trade union movement, Foster grew closer and closer to the Communist Party, which had broken out of its underground cliquishness to become a presence in the broad workers movement by the early 1920s.
A certain friendly competitiveness among different teams is fine; just be sure this rivalry is carefully controlled or it could lead to a cliquishness that harms the overall well-being of your facility.
On the other hand, if cliquishness is minimal, then (by definition) there exists a relatively large number of relationships linking different clusters (which themselves are poorly defined), and (also by definition) integrative coordination is high.
Sample items from each subscale include 'Authoritarian nature of the school organisation', 'Excessive parental interference', 'The inability of teachers to influence the direction of Ministry policy', 'Unnecessary "cliquishness" amongst staff', and 'Poor student behaviour'.