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What does it mean when you dream about a cloak?

All forms of cover-up are denoted by this word, including the mysterious and the macabre depicted in the expression “cloak-and-dagger operation.” In a dream, wearing a cloak as a garment might suggest the dreamer needs to feel protected or is trying to cover up something.

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And, if the cloaked item moves it becomes visible - so not in the Harry Potter league yet, either.
The two outer lenses funnel light through a narrow middle, creating a cloaked region.
The metascreen successfully cloaked an 18-centimeter-long cylindrical rod --A from microwaves, not visible light.
The first is an invisibility stage which distorts incoming light to remove the scattering effect of the cloaked object, for instance an apple, before a second stage distorts the scattered light to make it look as if it has been scattered off another object, a banana, for example.
When the cloaked antibodies are activated by light near a tumour, the tumour is killed.
Commented Cohen: "If other approaches had been 'perfected' as claimed, then other researchers would have already cloaked a person.
A simple plastic shell has cloaked a three-dimensional object from sound waves for the first time.
With the most experience and innovation of any research and development effort, the team has produced wideband, high fidelity, thin invisibility cloaks, and recently announced breakthrough embodiments that cloaked a man, and also acted as a 'deflector shield'.
In a two-dimensional cloak, most of the heat could be manipulated to move around a cloaked region 300 micro meters across, or the size of a typical amoeba.
Washington, Jan 26 ANI): Researchers have for the first time cloaked a three-dimensional object standing in free space, bringing the much-talked-about invisibility cloak one step closer to reality.
Previous invisibility cloaks were laboratory prototypes that commonly cloaked paperclips, thimbles, plastic cylinders, or small objects, and held no hope as practical devices.
The length of the cloaked area and the length of time it is able to function are tightly constrained-primarily by the extreme velocity of light.