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What does it mean when you dream about a cloak?

All forms of cover-up are denoted by this word, including the mysterious and the macabre depicted in the expression “cloak-and-dagger operation.” In a dream, wearing a cloak as a garment might suggest the dreamer needs to feel protected or is trying to cover up something.

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"Irdeto Cloaked CA offers us cost effective, end-to-end protection along with an agile approach and local presence to quickly respond to our commercial and technical requirements.
For compatibility of the design with our visual capability where the human eye perceives different colors of light simultaneously, the size and hence dimensions of the cloaked object should be constant and not varied with wavelength.
The field scattered by the naked and cloaked bump are compared with the field reflected by the flat wall.
And, if the cloaked item moves it becomes visible - so not in the Harry Potter league yet, either.
The two outer lenses funnel light through a narrow middle, creating a cloaked region.
(i) In order to get such a cloaked region without exposing the accurate user locations, we propose two algorithms.
When users who request queries are moving, the adversaries can collect the different cloaked regions to infer the users' exact location or movement route.
A researcher at the lab, Nathan Landy, recently upgraded the device to cut reflections that could still be seen over the cloaked object.
This would partially solve the problem that a truly perfect invisibility cloak would let in no light at all, leaving anyone cloaked in it blind.
The technique scatters incoming light to create two "ghost" images either side of the cloaked object.
As the reflections from the cloaked object reduce, the cloak provides a better performance.
This makes the object inside a cloak to virtually become invisible, that is, one can theoretically see behind the cloaked object.