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(1) Concealing. Hiding.

(2) Stopping a Wi-Fi access point from continuously announcing its presence. See SSID broadcast.

(3) Coding in a Web page that is hidden to humans but visibile to search engine spiders in order to achieve high rankings in search results. For example, pages that repeat the same topic word several times tend to rank high, but excessive repetition of a word makes the writing seem amateurish. JavaScript and AJAX code may be used to hide the additional words when they detect a human but allow them to appear for a search engine. An earlier simple method was to display white text on a white background.

Aggressive marketers generate thousands of cloaked pages ("phantom pages") highly tuned for the search engines (see shadow domain).

IP Delivery
Called "IP delivery," an advanced form of cloaking redirects Web queries based on their IP address. For example, an e-mail harvesting program that queries the site to find people to spam should not be directed to the people page or to the cloaked spider page but to a special page without e-mail addresses and links. See shadow domain, search engine optimization, spider and Web spam.
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Ad cloaking is an obfuscation method used by advertisers to alter the content of a landing page based upon a predetermined factor.
i) the central concept of invisibility is to minimize the total scattering cross section, (ii) anisotropic materials ensure invisibility without violating the uniqueness theorem of the inverse problem, and (iii) non-superluminal propagation provides cloaking performance with a relatively broad bandwidth.
Invisibility cloaking would give the Army an obvious tactical advantage, but it's still a long way from the lab to the battlefield, and the Army won't be handing out Harry Potter-type conformal cloaks any time soon.
Genov says that the story of metamaterials and cloaking devices is just beginning, and that we'll probably see a lot more strange, new devices in the very near future.
The team from Fractal Antenna Systems then conducted a live demonstration of cloaking, making metal pipes disappear over a large microwave bandwidth, with no sensitivity to angular orientation (omni-directionality).
According to the researcher, this ultrathin cloak would hide an object from detection at a frequency range "orders of magnitude broader" than any available passive cloaking technology.
However, the cloaking device and anything inside it do cast a pale shadow.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced an agreement to incorporate Helix Software's Cloaking technology into their DOS memory resident utility packages.
In 2009, Fractal Antenna Systems was the first and only research team to achieve cloaking at wide bandwidth at high fidelity, rendering true invisibility possible.
Cloaking, just as it sounds, is where an object or event is hidden from vision.
The bottom of the cloaking device is notched with a small triangle that's coated with silver so that it works like a bent mirror.
Cohen's team has produced high fidelity wideband cloaking.