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(1) Concealing. Hiding.

(2) Stopping a Wi-Fi access point from continuously announcing its presence. See SSID broadcast.

(3) Coding in a Web page that is hidden to humans but visibile to search engine spiders in order to achieve high rankings in search results. For example, pages that repeat the same topic word several times tend to rank high, but excessive repetition of a word makes the writing seem amateurish. JavaScript and AJAX code may be used to hide the additional words when they detect a human but allow them to appear for a search engine. An earlier simple method was to display white text on a white background.

Aggressive marketers generate thousands of cloaked pages ("phantom pages") highly tuned for the search engines (see shadow domain).

IP Delivery
Called "IP delivery," an advanced form of cloaking redirects Web queries based on their IP address. For example, an email harvesting program that queries the site to find people to spam should not be directed to the people page or to the cloaked spider page but to a special page without email addresses and links. See shadow domain, search engine optimization, spider and Web spam.
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So yes, it sounds like science fiction, but even current technology could do a fine job of cloaking the Earth's transit signature.
The cloaking 'skin' boasts microscopic light-scattering antennae that make light bouncing off an object look as if it were reflected by a flat mirror, rendering the object invisible.
Unlike other cloaking devices in the past, Rochester's invisibility cloak is fashioned out of good old lenses - four of them, to be precise.
The key point of cloaking techniques is to use materials with specific constitutive parameters and refractive index.
2(b), one can see that the perturbation of the wave out of the cloak is so weak that it is hard to be detected and this clearly manifests the cloaking effect.
DEVELOPMENT A lab researcher has improved the lab's cloaking system, first announced in 2006, by cutting the reflections that tempered the illusion of invisibility
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While a real-world product is some years off, this invisibility cloaking technology could be instrumental in protecting crucial buildings and facilities from structural damage and loss of life.
Since we're able to now control light, it can lead to cloaking, which is essentially invisibility, among other several major areas of optics," said Hammond.
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Dr Zhang said: "This is a huge step forward as, for the first time, the cloaking area is rendered at a size that is big enough for the observer to 'see' the invisible object with the naked eye.
But, he added, "Developing a cloak to hide something takes a long time, so cloaking larger items with that technology is not really feasible.